Using both wireless and wired adapter adn otehr questions


I have my live hooked up to my PC via CAT5 and I can get all of the files from my PC to my TV with no jitter or lag; but I cannot access the internet (youtube, playon etc). if left the CAT5 hooked up but also plugged in one of the approved wireless adapters - for the sole purpose getting interent content – would that override my cat5? I only have a -G setup so I am worried about jitter.


My main PC is litereally 4’ from my TV and the LIVE and has an wireless-g adapter in it so it can get interent access from the router which is on a lower floor. This is also the PC that has all of the files that the LIVE is currently pulling via the CAT5. On a lower floor of my house I have an ancient PC with a modem and the -G router. If I hook up a wireless to the LIVE, would it be pulling content from my main PC wireless adapter (4’ away) or would it go throught the router on that ancient PC which is on a lower floor? I ask becuase this could obviously affect signal strength.

I don’t know much about networking obviously. Thanks!

Also someone said I could do a 'bridged" method to get internet via the CAT5 but I can’t find any information on how to do that. Has anyone heard of this? it seems possible from what I have read.

You can only use one adapter at a time; wireless or wired,  not both.

No, it has to go through the ACCESS POINT (your “router.”)  

thnaks., I figured s much.

how about setting up a bridged network via the CAT5?