Using both system Windows & Mac

Hi, I’m new here and I don’t have idea exactly how work a NAS / cloud Mirror.
It is possible to read and write data from both system Mac and Windows simultaneously?
Can I access only with specifics app or I can see files as an external drive (Finder on Mac, file manager in Windows)?
Thank you.

To use the drive like you described you will first need to map the drive in the OS. Here are instructions on how to do this on Windows:

Here are instructions for Mac:

OK, thanks! Happy New Year!
As you described, after the drive is mapped I can read and write from both system, is that correct?

Bye, thanks. David

That is correct.


Keep in mind that there are some inherent problems with reading and writing from different OS’s that you may encounter. Just to give you an example from earlier today. I have movies on my Mr Cloud Mirror setup in a folder structure. They were placed there with an HP laptop. As a purely hypothetical situation lets say I have a DIRTY HARRY MOVIES folder, then within that I have all of my favorite DIRTY HARRY MOVIES individually.

Today I decided I no longer wanted that folder structure, and I wanted all of my hypothetical Dirty Harry movies in their own individual folders, not one big DIRTY HARRY MOVIES folder. Hopefully you are still tracking. If I try to use my Macbook Pro to alter the folder structure by way of Copying DIRTY HARRY MOVIE #1 from the DIRTY HARRY MOVIES folder into a separate DIRTY HARRY #1 folder, I get an error saying the file already exists. Happens every time.

If I try to do the same action with my HP, where the structure/file originated from it is EAZY PEAZY, good to go every time. Just a thought when I saw the subject of your post.