Using AV-GP in a File Server

I recently got 4 AV-GP drives to use in a RAID 10 in my file server. I chose AV-GP over regular Caviar Green because WD says AV-GP drives are designed to work 24/7 and can endure higher temperature. However recently I noticed random skips when playing videos from the file server. Is it related to that AV-GP is designed for streaming media? Are AV-GP drives good for file servers? Or should I exchange for regular Caviar Green drives? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I am wondering if the AV-GP drives are good or bad choices for a media server. The streaming command aspect sure sound like a good idea.

I found this thread after googling for info. There is not much info out there on these drives. I did read on techarp that these should definitely not be used for a desktop or server since error correction can be sacrificed for the sake of maintaining the av data stream. I think that could be true for reading, but writing too? It sounds like that could easily result in corrupted data. That may be a bad pixel in a movie, which is inconsequential, but a bad bit in an executable could be very bad. This is also the first I have heard this warning and it seems somewhat hard to believe. It sounds like the reviewer didn’t entirely know what they were talking about and drew their own conclusion. I see high ratings on newegg for this drive, by average users, no doubt using these in desktops. How bad could it really be? Not very I think.

The error correction, or interruption of, could result in the pause or interruption you mention though. I also read somewhere green drives are not good for raiding. Something to do with an accumulation of a statistic that sets of SMART monitoring and reports the drives as old before their time. Not sure if any of this is true. It would sure be nice to hear some facts from WD about this.

Can these drives be used in a desktop or media server safely? My media server streams video to a few different locations in my house, so I thought these AV drives would be a natural choice.