Using an UPS as powersupply for MC 4TB?

Hello guys!

I’ve bought a MyCloud 4Tb since 2 months and I’m very happy with it. Works really fine!

I used my Mycloud as a central home storage place: all user folders (such as 'MyDocuments, Application data, …) has been moved from PC’s and laptops to user specific shares on the MC with limited access for the individual user. Beside, all applications that are portable are also moved to a specific share with read access for all users.

This leads to a high independency of the used PC/laptop. As long as the user uses his user-account he/she always see his/here files and applications on his share(s).

Backup is provided by the use of FreeFileSync (thanks Community for the tip:heart_eyes: ! - I follow the Community since quite a while) on another device.

To avoid unhappiness I would discuss my plan to change the powering of the Mycloud to UPS powering with you. It is my intention to supply my Mycloud with my UPS-system (12V DC) instead of using the net-adapter which delivers also 12V DC. Basically, this should not be a problem but hardware problems possibly comes in when the UPS is charging because at that moment the voltage on the circuit arises up to 14,5V DC (pure DC because of charging by solar cells).

I did this already for my switches and SP-modem/router without any problems but these devices are consuming less power and are, therefore, less sensible to some overpowering.

Does anyone know the acceptable input-voltage range for the Mycloud 4Tb or has experience with a simular case?

Sorry for my English.

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Everybody uses the standard provided net adapter?

If you moved the folders from the PC and laptop to the MyCloud. Where is your backup located?
Also why not just use a normal battery backup? I found a couple of small battery backup’s for $10 US. They are intended for routers or the like.


Thank you for your reaction.

Sorry for the lack of clarity about my setup in my previous post. It was not really my intention to explain my setup. It was intended as an introduction to the community as this was my very first post.

But, I have no problems to share more detailed info on my setup and power-circuit. Here we go …

Actually, the setup was done by changing the link of the MyDocument folders on the PC to the MC shares. You can do this in IE or directly in the registry. So I didn’t really move the folder (just a redirection (link) of the physical location of the folder).

Backup location: applications are backed-up on my ADMIN PC (but doesn’t change often). The user shares on the MC, containing the MyDocument stuff, are backed-up on the PC that is considered as the original PC for the user. This is done with the FreeFileSync (also located on the MC) and that is started from the PC registry (and so, user depended) at the moment the user logs in. The start command is in the registry and starts FFS with a specific FFS-profile (.ffs_gui), different for each user, containing his/hers source shares and destination folder (backup folder under his/hers ‘Document and settings’ folder on the original PCs - security ensured). This ensures me that the backup is only done when the user logs in on his/hers original PC. FFS is not synchronising files but just copying files to the target path (to avoid loosing accidentally deleted files on the MC).

UPS: It is not a real UPS but I have a powerful 12 DC circuit (tracking batteries 700A) in the house (garden, garage) that is used for illumination, alarm system, pond pomp, … and also for some IT devices. Beside this, their is also a DC-12/AC-230V converter connected. The big batteries are also working as a shortcut for (high-) frequency interferences on the DC circuit.

My single restraint to connect the MC to my 12V DC circuit is that the max. voltage is mount up to 14,5V at charging time (=3,75 Watt over-consumption by the MC ~ heat) during the whole (sun shining-) day.

Why not just connect a voltage regulator to your battery backup and then connect your sensitive devices to the regulator?

Hello Jac70,

Thanks for your idea!

Seems to be often used in campers and boats for connecting TV’s, LCD, … They have exactly the same problem.

I found a 12V DC/DC converter that will fulfil my needs: