Using a wd passport connected to Andriod phone

hi new to all this so don’t know which category to put this in.
I have just got a 4tb passport drive that I want to turn into a home music centre by plugging it into an old Samsung s6 smartphone. I have found out that the first reason that the drive was not recognised was because I need to format it to fat32 format which I have done on via the phone ( it said it saw a corrupted drive and gave me a format option) and it is now seen, but it only finds a drive that is 1.64tb in size. so before I load my cd collection onto the drive I would like to be able to make use of all of the space. can anyone point me onto the correct path? what have I not done correctly?

i would try formatting in exFAT (on a PC) … it would solve a lot of problems if your Samsung can handle it.

using the FAT32 … there’s a slew of problems.

Firstly you need to find out if the Samsung s6 supports GPT (GUID Partition Table) or MBR (Master Boot Record Partition Table)

MBR only supports up to 2TB … GPT supports greater than that.

Formatting FAT32 “officially” only supports a Maximum size of 2TB. Using Windows utilities on a PC will have the same result … but

3rd Party Software can format FAT32 higher than 2TB … but the Passport would have to be GPT Partitioned (i assume)

If the Samsung s6 only supports MBR …then WD’s Quick Formatter software (using XP compatibily mode to format) may solve that.

Lots of things to try … no guarantees any of it will work.

Thanks. So, several thing to look at. Will report back on what I find out?

yes, several things to take into consideration if it will even work.

if you want to create a central music/media centre then a NAS is the best device for the job.

I only have the older WD My Cloud (2TB + 2TB USB HDD Connected) … and can stream all my Movies/Music/TV Shows on it to every device in the house … Smartphones, TV’s, Media Players, Tablets and Laptops.

That’s in my opinion, what a Media (Music Centre) is.