Using a SATA 3Gb/s WD laptop HDD with SATA AHCI 6Gbps interface

Hi there,

Hopefully someone can help me out on this.

My current situation is as below:

I recently purchased a new laptop which has a SSD 256GB as a main disk. It also offers the possibility of having a secondary disk with the following speces: 2.5-inch hard drive SATA AHCI 6 Gbps Up to 2 TB.

My previous laptop has a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB 2.5-inch 5400RPM HDD WD5000LPVT-08G33 as a main disk, which I believe is SATA 3Gbps. I would like to use it as a secondary disk in my new laptop.

So, the question would be if the HDD from my old laptop is compatible with the interface of my new laptop? I would appreciate if someone could advice on this.

Thanks in advanced.

Yes should be just fine. It won’t be as fast as that SSD but good enough to store things on. I would connect it to a USB cable first then delete the existing partitions with Disk Manager, make a new partition and format it NTFS. Then install it in the laptop. This will avoid the confusion of the laptop booting and not knowing which Windows version to boot to. Just make sure you get all the files/folders you may want to keep (Pictures, music, etc.) to a safe place before you format it!

If you have enough knowledge you could just install the drive in the new laptop and boot from the BIOS boot menu selecting the SSD for boot. Then you could do the files/folder copies and then use Disk Manager to do as outlined above.