Using a MyBook Live Duo as an NVR for CCTV/IP cameras

Hi all,

I have a MyBook Live Duo which has been going strong for 5 years now and I am very happy with it.

I am about to install CCTV cameras on my home and my preferred choice is to use IP cameras attached to an NVR to store the footage. It suddenly occurred to me that this hugely expensive NVR device is essentially exactly the same as my MyBook except for some software. So as I have plenty of free space on my MyBook I was wondering if it was possible to use it as an NVR.

Has anyone tried using their MyBook for storing CCTV/IP Camera footage? I guess it wasn’t designed for this purpose so I will have to think creatively. I know the MyBook supports FTP and I believe that some IP cameras are capable of uploading footage to an FTP server so maybe that is the best solution?

Any ideas appreciated.

Hello Ben_Watkins,

We have not tested using our My Book live duo devices with cctv/ip camera they have not been build for direct recording purposes. I would suggest you to wait for other users to comment if anyone would have been successful in achieving that using FTP.

Hello Everyone,

Currently am using My Book and My cloud to record for IP cameras attached to to switch