Using a blue 4TB 5400rpm in a 8TB My Book enclosure = Not working

Dear folks,

I’m trying to run a WD Blue 4TB 5400rpm (Model WDBH2D0040HNC-ERSN) in a WD My Book 8TB enclosure (Model WDBFJK0080HBK-EESN). The Setup is connected to a USB 2 Port in a MacBook Pro 13" early 2011 running macOS 10.12.2.

In the System Profiler the My Book is shown, but the formatted drive is not showing up anywhere. In Disk Utility there is no entry for the enclosure or the drive.

Is this combination of hardware supposed to work? I expected the 4TB drive to run smoothly with an enclosure of a previously larger drive.

Thanks for any help/hints and all the best,


To form a more precise question:

Is there a technical reason why the HD is not recognised or is there a likely hardware failure in the enclusure? (HD works)


I believe there is a compatibility issue.

I recommend you email WD support for more information about this.

Thanks @Hamlet will do!

I’m fairly certain that Blue disk will not work in this enclosure. I have several MyBook Duo enclosures and have upgraded one of them the to the Red drive, which is the drive WD recommends for network storage.

Somewhere on WD’s site, there is a list of recommended drives for a variety enclosures, not just WD’s. Try to find that. I think it’s on the Red HD page.

Cheers! I’ve already sold mine. But this might be of help to someone else. All the best,