Using a 4TB MyCloud for Time Machine backups for multiple computers

As the subject line says…

I’ve just set up a My Cloud device on my network, with the intention of using Time Machine on three separate Macs in our house.

Will this work? Do I need to do anything special?

I’m a little nervous about pointing each Mac’s Time Machine at the same share on the My Cloud…I’m just not sure what will happen.

But, I don’t see a way to set up more than one Time Machine share on the My Cloud.



Can you use a My Cloud as a backup location for multiple computers? Yes.

However, do a forum search for Time Machine. Some are having problems (seems to be mostly El Capitan related) getting the Time Machine backup to work properly. Also there is a huge El Capitan thread that discusses a variety of issues with the My Cloud. There are some possible workarounds. See the following two threads/posts.

Generally it is best to have the computer connected via Ethernet cable to a Gigabit router/switch to get the fastest backup speed. Trying to backup over WiFi typically is slower than wired Ethernet.