Using 2 WD My Cloud 4Tb?

Hi all
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to link or connect 2 WD My Cloud 4Tb devices together. I am using a Mac and I have 1 WD My Cloud 4Tb already set up connected to the router but blindly bought a second WD My Cloud 4Tb which now I feel cannot be used in any way :frowning: Any ideas as to how to use the 2nd WD My Cloud 4Tb in any way that could be benificial?

Any help greatly appreciated.


I’m not understanding what the problem is?

Are you saying you have no more ports on your router to plug the 2nd one into? If so, buy an outboard gig-ethernet switch.

If not, more info needed.

Hi Tony thanks for your interest mate. I wish to use both devices as 2 seperate Nas drives so I can connect to either one as required through my other devices on the net. Will it work if I connect both WD My Clouds into my router and do I need to change the name of the devices as they are both called My Clouds. Would be make things slower. I have a Netgear Gigabit switch which has 5 inputs. How would I have to cable it to use the My Clouds as at the moment I do not use the Netgeat switch for anything. Hope this makes sense as I am not to well up on the subject.
Many thanks

If there’s room on your router for both, you don’t need the switch.
Yes, you’ll need to rename one of them – all the names need to be unique.
No, it won’t make things slower having two NASes on your network (I have 6 on my network right now).

THanks Tony mate my second MyCloud drive has just arrived today and I was scared to open the box in case I could not use it :slight_smile: Could you tell me if I should reformatt the drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) before using and does it make it any quicker to add files and view them… I wish to see my photos thru my Galaxy phone which is obviously android. Would this matter? Loading files onto the drive takes an age thru ethernet is there a quicker or better way. Sorry for the barrage of questions but again any help is very much appreciated, Is that 6 MyCloud drives your using ???

You can’t reformat NAS drives like that.
I have

1 My Cloud Gen 1 2TB
1 My Cloud Gen 2 4TB
1 My Cloud EX4 12 TB
1 My Cloud DL4100 16 TB
1 QNAP TS-410 8TB
1 QNAP TS-412 8TB

Wow very impressive Tony … Is it easy to rename the drive? I do not use the Public folder as I have added a new folder named Photos with added sub folders under different names (eg. Family, Holiday etc) The trouble is it seems to take an age to add files to the drive. Thru the router it was slow but even using ethernet cable takes a lifetime lol . Do you know of a better way and also is it quicker to use the public folder instead.



If you haven’t already done so you should read through the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the various features/options of the My Cloud network attached storage device.

Officially you cannot reformat the single bay/single hard drive My Cloud units into some other format. You simply plug them into the network (Gigabit router if you have one) and assign it a unique name if you plan on using more than one My Cloud device on the local network. You access the My Cloud Dashboard to configure the My Cloud name and other features/options.

You can map the My Cloud drive/Shares for easier access with Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder.

See the following discussion that covers some basics on copying speed to/from the My Cloud.

If you plan on streaming media to local devices, see the following discussion that explains how to get the most use out of the Twonky DLNA media server embedded within the My Cloud.

Thanks again Tony I will take a look and all the links and try my best lol thanks for all your help… and hope I can fiure it out lol
Best Wishes