Uses for MyBook Live and MyCloud drives


I have a 8TB MyCloud Home that works great for my needs, but I also inherited a MyBook Live and two MyCloud drives, all 3TB, all work. What could I use these for that I’m not using the MyCloud Home drive for? From what I’ve read, these legacy drives will not work with PLEX etc. like the MyCloud Home drive I’m using does. I’m ready to crack them open, format them and use the drives as backup storage for music, video and pictures by installing them in external HD cases attached to my MacPro desktop. Thoughts?


Hello Greyrock,

Opening the Non-User Servicable WD Devices like My Cloud Home is not recommended as it will void the warranty of the device and the hard drive.

To know more, you can refer to the link given below.


NON-Issue… out of warranty…