Users manual

Hi,i bought this media player time ago and it did not come with user manual;have to look the web in case i need some information.I started downloading the manual,cause it is to long i ran out of paper and ink and i left it for later and i never finished.Can someone please help me find this manual.Thanks in advance for the help i may get.

Found by typing “wdtv live streaming user manual” in gOOgle

Hi,thank,i sent you an email,you make my day,this is what i need.Thumbs up for your kindness,keep up the good work.

Every WD product has a support page, and every support page has a link to the user manual which is in PDF format, and in various languages, too. Also, here is a suggestion; DOWNLOAD and save the manual file and look at it on your computer; don’t waste time, paper, and ink for something you can easily view on your computer with Adobe Reader

Here is the support page for your player:

Hi,i did save a copy in my old computer(rip)and i can not get the data out;cost to much.As i said i was downloading and i have it,but is not complete(only some pages missing)now i will finish printing/save it.