Users Manual for My Book Live

The Operators manual for the My Book Live that’s on the web can be read with a browser, however if I download a copy, Adobe Reader XI reports an error.  Can someone at WD upload a copy that can be read?  Please?



Have you tried downloading it again. The downloaded copy opens OK on my android tablet.


Please try using another browser.

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It works fine in the browser!  Why should I try another browser?

It’s the downloaded copy that doesn’t work in Adobe Reader XI.

I’ll download yet another copy…



I just tried again with a new copy.  Adobe Reader still won’t read it!


It works fine in 10.1.8 (the latest X version) for me.

Seems to work fine in 11.0.4 for me, too.

Well, Hamlet wasn’t that far off.  I brought the manual up in Chrome.  Chrome said there were parts of the file it couldn’t read, but I told it to bring it up anyhow.  Then I told Adobe Reader within Chrome to save a version to my desktop.

It is that version that Reader XI can read.  I don’t know what part of the file Chrome has trouble with.  At least I have a copy I can read off line.

Thanks to all…


You said that it worked perfectly in the original browser, so what browser were you using then. Were you always opening it in the browser and then saving it or did you ever download it directly and then open it in the adobe reader.