Users cannot use remote login

I am the admin for MyCloud and have created two users with email addresses, passwords, and public access to all folders.
Neither of the other users are able to sign in remotely. I can sign in simply by going to and “sign in to mycloud”. But if this is done using the email address of one other others it always rejects the password.
I read in the help text, that you should download the MyCloud Desktop App for remote login, but I don’t think this is needed, as I can login direct from the MyCloud website.
The mycloud unit is being used by both mac and windows machines. The firmware is up to date.
Can anyone help with this?

@PaulG2 Did the other users create an account? Are they using different computers to log in?

The following comes from the Dashboard and can be found under Help.

# About Users

Anyone accessing your personal cloud must have a user account to use the WD My Cloud device.

I created the accounts for the other users, using their email addresses (as in the instructions you attached). I also created passwords for them.
Yes, they will be logging in to the MyCloud from other computers in different places. One will be a Macbook (like mine), and the other a Laptop PC.

@PaulG2 You need to look at the User Manual and make sure you set up their access and their devices access. See Chapter Eight.

OK, the problem seems to be solved.
I had to resend the invitation email to them, then they have to click “forgot password” and create their own password. After that it works.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: