Users and Shares ?, i am getting nowhere fast?

I am having great difficulty in getting to grips with Users and Shares, i have three Users, four if i include myself as admin. 

i have assigned each used Full access to the Public Share.

How on earth can i get the Users actual access to the the Public Share.

In the Shares Panel it says" User Access cannot be defined for the defauly Public Share" (this seems to have 2 gig contents.)

ok so i create another Share with the name Family and this have ZERO gig contents and i cant get anyone to Share it either.

I am totally confused  and i have the Help file open which i am following word for word, but i must be missing something.?

Ah i might be getting somewhere, i hope, it looks as if for every share i create i get a new folder, so beofre i share anything i have to put something in the foldr for my Users to look at ,    hhhhhhmmmm

Obviously this is a work in progress

One or more users can access any one share.  When you create a user you can create a share for that user.

Have another problem now :- when will it end ?

I have an iPad2 at home that my “better half” uses. I have her as a User to Share my Family “share” in this folder i have sub  folders containg music and photos,  using WD2go i can view all these folders and the Public folder as well ???

with WD2go i can also view all the photos and play the music

 but with WD Photos i ccan see nothing, no photos at all, i even tried putting the photos in the Family (root) folder as well, just in case the program didnt do folders !.

still nothing ?