Usernames and password stored on WD servers?

Looking to purchase a new NAS and WD is my preferred. The latest version MyCloud Home had my eye due to the mobile and web apps, but I have one concern. The requirement that all usernames and password be stored or managed through WD servers!

I can see where this would be great for most novice users, but only if it is an option. I want hosting and managing users to be on the NAS itself…

Straight me out and tell me that I am wrong about WD managing user accounts. No one ever breaks into large corporate servers these days!

If you have a question about the My Cloud Home line of devices see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home devices. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud units which are different than the My Cloud Home line of products.

Generally for the single bay My Cloud units there are two sets of user names and passwords. One for local network access which is configured through the My Cloud Dashboard and stored on the local My Cloud device. And a second independent user name and password created through the web portal interface for remote network access and which is stored on the portal. See the dedicated subforums for the My Cloud Home devices and see if there are past discussions on where the username and passwords are stored.

Sorry about posting in the wrong forum, what is the best method to open this topic in the correct forum.

Going to the portal I see “Sign into your Device” for most versions. Where the MyCloud Home device is the only one that shows “Create Account” and Sign into your Device".

PS. Searches for either username or password gives only 4 responses followed by “No more results found.”

I was able to post on the correct forum area and receiving feedback. Any Forum Super, please close this topic. Thanks