Username/password for XP

I have a new 2TB MyBookLive network drive with a public folder (only), connected to a wireless router with an ethernet cable. I have successfully “mapped” this drive on two home computers, one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows XP. I can copy files from/to the public folder on the drive using either computer.

A third computer running XP is giving me fits (wireless connection to same common router). The MyBookLive software installed a “WD Quick View” icon and I can see the drive via a browser (in fact I just did a “firmware update” that completed successfully). When I try to “map” the drive (using “\MyBookLive\Public” as the target), Windows XP asks for a username and password. I have tried several combinations of “admin” and “nobody” with no success.

According to one of your FAQs, “If you are using Windows XP with a _ My Book Live _ and your drives login information is different from your Windows User, click on the Connect using a different user name link and enter the user name and password you created on the network drive. Click OK to close the Connect As… dialog.”  OK, but what user name and password. My Windows XP username/password (account with admin privileges) do not work. I don’t remember creating a username/password “on the network drive”. I did not need any with the other computers.

Are the username/password stored on the drive? How do I retrieve or change them?  Thanks.  Gene V.


Have a look at my post here:

and see if it helps. You may have the same problem. I believe Windows XP can experience this.