Username help


I have a few questions and appreciate a solution. I’m new to this, so I don’t know much about it.

I went through the initial setup of WD MyCloud and realized I (or WD MyCloud) created a username I wasn’t expecting after entering my name. What I did was enter an initial for my first name and full last name. After that, I launched the WDMyCloud shortcut and noticed the initial share and public share then I closed the app. I launched the dashboard and noticed the initial used as the username. I wasn’t expecting the software to create a username and share based on the first name during the setup phase. I thought there would be another step in the setup that would allow me to input the username of my choice. Another thing during the setup, I was never prompted to input a password but realized that it can set it in the dashboazrd. I have not set a password yet not transfer any files to it yet. The only major change I have done to the NAS so far is update the firmware and I was a bit leery at doing that.

Can I rename the username that is an initial to a word of my choice without losing accsss to it? Also, is this the admin account of the entire NAS? If I add more users, will the username be based off a person’s first name?

The yellow arrow pointing to the area I want to change in the following image (hope this displays correctly)::

Thanks for any help!

While the answer is yes to your questions and as the Administrator you can create the additional user names if you want to. I am providing a link to the My Cloud User Manual. It should provide all the information you need for changing your User/Share name and everything else needed to set up your My Cloud.

Thank you for the reply and answers, cat0w! I’ll dowmload the manual now and read it tomrrow and the make change tomorrow also, as it’s late in the evening.