Username and password when trying to connect as registered user on Mac?

I am trying to connect to the My Cloud Home in finder and when I press connect as and the page comes up with guest or registered user I press registered user and you enter name and password, nothing works.

What name and password am I meant to be using?

Connect using Guest/Guest

I didn’t want to connect as a guest…

Well right so I go on the right and sign in and I go to files there is a folder for plex but when I go to finder on my mac and then find my server the plex folder isn’t there…

1 Like, WD Discovery and the Mobile App access the User Private Space where Plex and Family folder will reside. The Public Share is a different storage are on the device.

So if I wanted to download something straight from the internet into My Home Cloud, where do I find the path for it?

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OK so what I have figured out is that you cant download straight onto your private space… This thing is getting worst and worst…

Did you manage to find an answer for this?


So here’s the deal: The answer given here and the info at the linked pages in the answer don’t reflect how the product actually works.

Two years after the original question from the original user, I’m having the same issue.

Here’s the problem: I’m trying to use Acronis True Image 2020 for Mac to backup my computer to WD My Cloud Home. The True Image app sees the My Cloud device as a target for the backup. When I select it, what looks like a Mac OS message appears: “To access the location, enter the login and password.” Radio buttons let me choose Guest or Registered user. I choose the latter, enter my WD My Cloud username and password, they’re accepted, and I’m in. Oops! Not yet. Next, I’m presented a small window – also the type generated by Mac OS for server sign-in – that asks me to: "Select the volume that you want to mount on NAS “MYCLOUD-xxxxxxxx” (x=identifying info). “Public” is the only Volume appearing in the list, so I select it.

And here’s the part that by your previous answer, you seem not to understand: The message appears a second time: “To access the location, enter the login and password.” Again Guest and Registered User are the choices. Selecting Registered User brings up the text entry boxes for name and password. Only this time, the same My Cloud username and password don’t work. Choosing Guest also doesn’t work.

Now, I don’t know if Acronis True Image is presenting that second login window, if the Mac OS is presenting it, or if the My Cloud device is causing it to be presented. But I suspect it has to be the My Cloud. And it is clear that True Image wants to write to the Public space.

So the question is: What username and password will enable True Image or the Mac OS to mount the Public volume so that I can proceed to send a backup file into it.

Please do not direct me to the same page as in the previous reply, because the answer is not there.

As an additional note: If I use True Image’s “Browse” option as another way to select the My Cloud device as a backup destination, I see the various folders I’ve created either in the My Cloud browser interface or in the Mac Finder through WD Discovery. These folders can be chosen, but backup to them fails. I assume that’s Acronis’s problem, not WD’s and I’ve written to them about that.

I have lost most of my weekend to trying to get My Cloud to do the things I want to do.

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Answer from WD tech support today is that My Cloud Home does not support Acronis True Image.

And there you have it.

As a final update, please know that I gave up and returned the WD My Cloud Home to the retailer for full refund. I’ve removed as many traces of WD software from my Mac that I can find.

I have bought and installed a true NAS: Buffalo Linkstation 210. 4TB. It’s working fine with Acronis True Image/Mac. Should be enough for my wife and I to use for backup and a central repository for all our photos. If we fill it up, I believe I can extend capacity with an attached USB.


My GOD, Im having the exact same problem. Ive been trying for 2 days to install this ■■■■ and I think im going to give it away and ask for a refund as well.

Make sure that you have installed the WD app and are signed in and you will be able to transfer files in Finder

Thanks Mark. Which WD app ? I have installed WD Discovery which says My Cloud Home is not supported and goes no further. Signed in to what as what ? When i try to sign in a Registered User, there is no indication at all of how I set up a reg user, what he/she is called and what is his/her password.

I received MCH today - at this rate I think it is going straight back to WD.