Username and password when trying to connect as registered user on Mac?


I am trying to connect to the My Cloud Home in finder and when I press connect as and the page comes up with guest or registered user I press registered user and you enter name and password, nothing works.

What name and password am I meant to be using?


Connect using Guest/Guest


I didn’t want to connect as a guest…

Well right so I go on the right and sign in and I go to files there is a folder for plex but when I go to finder on my mac and then find my server the plex folder isn’t there…

#4, WD Discovery and the Mobile App access the User Private Space where Plex and Family folder will reside. The Public Share is a different storage are on the device.


So if I wanted to download something straight from the internet into My Home Cloud, where do I find the path for it?


OK so what I have figured out is that you cant download straight onto your private space… This thing is getting worst and worst…

Did you manage to find an answer for this?