Username and Password for Windows 7 Backup to Mycloud on Network?


I am wanting to use a WD Mycloud 4tb as a NAS location for Windows 7 backup.  When I browse to the WDMYCLOUD location in Windows 7 backup it asks for a username and password.  I’ve tried both my computer login creditials as well as the username/password that I set up on the MyCloud itself but neiher works.  Am I missing something?



On Windows, there is a limitation. For a given active Windows user, you can use only one set of credentials to access any share shared by the same remote computer (the NAS in the case). Any software that relies on Windows to store credentials will have this problem.

Your problem is probably because you have accessed or mounted already one share of the NAS with one set of credentials, and you are now trying to use another set to set up the backup.

Do this:

  • from a command prompt type net use */delete (this will unmount any mounted share from the NAS)

  • in the user account and family safety control panel, go to the windows credential manager, and delete any stored credentials for your NAS,

  • disable any backup software that might be accessing the NAS to start upon startup,

  • restart the computer.

  • Choose one NAS user credentials to map your network drives or to set up a backup destination.