User of My Book Essentials, drive cannot read

My WD book essential was used for few times since I bought it. Today I connected it through the USB port, but the computer froze, so I had to shut it down. After reconnecting the WD book essential, I found that it took long to appear in “My Computer” + the name of the drive was replaced by “Drive H:”, Also I couldn’t access any file, when I double click the drive icon, it takes long time freezing then it disconnects. Never asked for formatting. CHKDSK couldn’t check because it says “RAW drive”. The drive is not making any sounds or vibrations. Drive is visible in the device manager and shows “working properly”, but it is not visible in the disk management. when I try to use the disk managenent, it freezes for some time then says “This hardware device is not connected to the computer(Code 45)” My work for the last three years are stored solely on that disk… please help.

Welcome to the WD Community.

Please test the unit with the WD DLG Tool. 

Link to dlg:  How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Also try using a data recovery.