User name and password

have the hub hooked up fine to my laptop.but when the pc (windows xp) tries to open the z: HD it asks for
user name and password. top of tab says connect to /
any ideas
don’t remember setting that up looked here and manual no help.
but would like to thank posters here for other help. the threads were old and reply seems off.

thanks for reading

The default password to access the dashboard is “admin”. If you want to map the internal WDTV hard drive on your computer you can use WDlink.


sorry it took so loong to get back…lost my way here password.JPG

this is what i see dpn’t know what to put in both places

Have you tried to map it again using just the \“live hub IP #” or \wdtvlivehub? 

Did you try the default as suggested in the second post?