User name and password

Trying to map other computers to my MyBookLive NAS.  It keeps asking for username and password.  Which username and password and where do I find it?  Have tried several and none seems to work.

It depends on the share you’re trying to access.

When you created a share, you assigned specific access rights to specific users.

It’s asking for the User / Password you created in the MBL.

Another thing you could do is make a batch file with the mapping commands so you wont have to enter your credentials overtime your start your PC.

simply open notepad hit save as ,save as “network.bat” under C:\Users\JewBear\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

copy and paste net two lines:

net use \ password /user:username

net use n: \\public  

*replace ip with drive ip and public with your share folder, you can also add more just use different unused letter drives*

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