User name and password?

This is the message I get when I try to access files thru MioNet

“MioNet does not currently support this device in a local network.
Please use the software supplied with the device to access it through “My Computer”. “

How do I set up a user name and password?

When I go to configure it ask for info below.

Administrator of what?? My computer? or my network? or the Hard Drive?  If it’s the hard drive I was never ask to set up a password or name.


Administrator Name





Network Storage Manager Downloader Copy Manager


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I have this exact same issue. I got my WD Mybook World addition about a week ago and am still trying to figure out some things like this problem. It seems that it would be a good feature if I could get it to work.  Please someone help. Thanks in advance.

The unit ships with the admin user name = admin and the admin password = admin.  After you have logged onto the unit, you can change the admin password if you wish.