User name and passport 80:

I want to write my machine with the internet
but it is always asking for username and password does not accept the right to write though. Cancel doing, and this comes from writing

Authorization Required

This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I want to host my own

I looked a bit and I found this forum only



If I understand correctly, you are trying to access the MBL web UI through the internet. You will not be able to. There is a safety measure enabled that requires you to be on the same network as the MBL in order to configure it.

I could not find it quickly, but there is a forum post from Myron (if I remember correctly) who talks about how to dissable this through SSH.

I do not understand you, I can not tell my english is not good.

you try

IP number of the device is write on the internet.

as an example

you can,

Thank you for giving me the answer