User manual refers to firmware 02.40.xx

I have just got a 2Tb MyBookLive.  As soon as I connected it to my home network I was alerted to a firmware update which I selected.  The update downloaded, installed and rebooted successfully.  The firmware updated to Version MyBookLive 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W. I then had various Dashboard ERROR 3xxxx when selecting menu options.  I followed WD community advice (many thanks nfodiz) to do a factory restore using PuTTY which seems to have sorted out the Dashboard errors.

My query is that the online manual at refers to legacy firmware prior to 02.40.xx  (see pdf page 137/146) The manual suggests that TwonkyMedia server is legacy software and a more generic DLNA Media Server is available see page 118/146.   This is not the case from my experience on 02.32.05-046

When will we be getting this new/better firmware?

Should be pretty soon, as the last I heard from WDTony, they were gonna release the MyBookLive Duo firmware first (which they have) and then the MyBookLive firmware would follow.