User manual missing Section 12

Anyone else noticed that Section 12 is effectively missing. Seems to be a repeat of Section 3. Annoying beacuse it is meant to give you info on adding your music with itunes setup. anyone found/sourced a correct version.

I don’t know about any new version but you could take a look at the mybook live and my book live duo manuals. I would not expect it to different. Still section 12 on both.

Wow.  Good catch – never noticed that before.

I’ve forwarded this to the WD Mods – maybe they can notify the technical writers of the error.  We’ll see what happens.

EDIT:  I’ve scanned a few of the other languages – they all have similar (but different) sections missing or reproduced.

You can, in the meantime, look at the Spanish version and paste the text into Google Translate…

thanks very much

Is this going to be fixed? I woul like to know hot to set my itunes up.