User Interface Background Image Size

I put some 1920x1080 size images in a folder and tried to set the home background with one of the images but it comes up smaller on the screen. I selected " Keep as Original"  too. I took a look at the info and it says 960x540 in size. I don’t understand why TV Live Hub is shrinking the image. I can select " Fit to Screen" or " Display in Fullscreen" to have it stretch but the images gets fuzzy. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Anyone have this issue?

It seems that images are size sensitive for the user interface background. If I choose an image that is roughly larger than 1.2 MB, it will shrink it automatically and not occupy the entire screen.  Also I have noticed that even if you stay within the size the image gets compressed and is a little blurry. Why is this designed this way? Can we get a FW update to not limit the size of our background or not compress the image.