User Id & password

Does anyone have the solution for the wdtvlive asking for user id and password when i try to access network shares. I’m on windows 7 kinda new to it but, i was running the wdtvlive for months with no issues. now its asking for a id I dont have my shares password protected. I tried rolling back the upgrade, I followed a step by step process on youtube. im very lost please help

Go to the Settings/Network and choose “clear network shares login” and that should solve the problem (you may then need to “login” once again to reestablish your shares, but if you have no username/password just tab until you get to the OK and press enter, leaving the default “anonymous” and empty password there).

Thanks for the reply I’ve tried that too many times to count. I tried it again just for hopes sake but didnt work. Windows 7 did give me a password for homegroup but no id. i’ve tried every id i thought it could be with the pass windows gave me. I do have windows set to share with no password needed. Maybe if someone who has windows 7 tells me what settings they have, maybe i’m doing something wrong there.

I am on Windows 7 and have no issues.

Make sure you have added an “everyone” to your shares – go to the shared options, click the “add user” and then use the “everyone” dropdown.