User getting kicked off 1 of the shares every night-

I have 1 user, the employer owner boss man, that keeps having to reconnect to 1 of the 3 shares I setup on his computer each morning. 

Running a peer to peer with 4 win 7 dell boxes and the wdex4. 

Is the solution so simple i will regret posting the question? 

THanks in advance. 



Try mapping the share manually and make sure you select the option “reconnect at log on”.

You can also try setting static IP for the my cloud.

I guess i will learn to be better at details… 

1-Drives were mapped manually, seems that only 1 of the 3 disconnect. Possible that the user is accesing it while an internal EX4 backup is runnng if that might be worth mentioning. Reconnect at logon is set as well. 

2-The first thing I did was assign it a static ip once setup and running. 

Sorry I left that out. I attempt  to cover the ‘easy stuff’ before Iask for help from others hat in hand. 8^)

Thanks for your time in the reply.


Well it is still happening… only 1 of the 3 shares does it, i have used the ‘net use’ command and after disconnecting it will actually disconnect. Ran the delete option just in case. 

Why only 1 of the 3 shares? and it’s the most important 1. 


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance.

Contact WD

Well I submitted a support request and no replies yet-

Now it has started kicking myself and others off at random.

When trying to reconnect i have been getting the to many connections or connected under different names error- 

I am implementing a .bat file left over from the previous domain to use the ‘net use’ command to delete and remap the drives as needed.

hoping that cures the issue.