Useless Products - WD My Cloud Mirror

I would like to express my frustrations over this useless piece offe product that I have bought from West Digital, WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB.

Since the day I have bought till now, I am unable to do a proper sync on my new MacBook Pro that I have bought few months back.

I have downloaded a software, WD Sync from the official website hoping to have a synchronised data for both my personal and business data. However since the day I downloaded till today, I am unable to go through installing this software as it always prompt me wrong passwords no matter how many times I have key in my password correctly.

I have tried calling the technical hotline a few times and every time is a disappointment as the problems were not even solved.

And when I finally asked for a replacement, I was told my warranty period has ended and nothing they can do about it.

Isn’t these classic examples of poor quality products and product support service???


Well, yes, that’s typical of hardware support today. If the drone on the other end of the phone/chat can recignize the problem, they can look for a potential solution in the user manual (as could you). If that doesn’t fix it and its under warranty, they’ll just replace it. If it’s not under warranty, you are SOL (as you have determined).