Used WSFTP to copy music to EX4 - now have multiple levels of files eating up most of drive space

I have used WSFTP to copy my music folders from a PC to EX4.  During that FTP transfer the EX4 for some reason created multiple copies of the same folders.  Hard to explain but I now have huge numbers of the same files on the EX4 I have to delete.

This does not happen with WSFTP when transfering between computers or Windows servers so must be related to the EX4.  These files are eating up most of my storage space.  I tried deleting the entire shared directory from the EX4 but the space is still occupied on the drive.

Any ideas how to get rid of all these incorrect folders and files and free up the drive space?


Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle?

Yes have tried that.  I’m just going to live with this for now until the drive is so full I have to make drastic changes.  Very strange that using a standard ftp client to the drive causes this issue however.