Used to be able to Connect to Home-based MBL from Office Network (Now NOT Anymore)


I used to be able to connect to my both Home-based MBL (MyBook Live) Personal Cloud Storage (black colored boxes) at home from my office network with internet connection using WD MyCloud for Windows client software installed in my Office provided laptop Windows 7 Enterprise x64 bit OS - but ever since the last few weeks ago, I cannot connect to them anymore…

What happen?

What might have happened,

  1. I do not know whether any new Firewall policy blocking this kind of traffic off my office network compare to previously.

  2. I did version upgrade of WD My Cloud client software lately (I forgot when or it is the cause), is this the cause?

But whenever I connected my same office provided laptop directly to internet over 4G mobile network internet, I do not have any problem to connect to my both MBL at home by using the same WD MyCloud Client software…

I do not have any problem connecting to both home based MBL from my Android phones.

Would that be new Firewall policy blocking this traffic?

Please advice.

Thanks - Arc.


I recommend you contact your IT department to verify if there is a firewall blocking this.