Used PC to load files on external drive. Daughter used the drive with her Mac. Now I can't see my files

My external hard drive has backup files for my laptop which was recently stolen.

When I connected it to my replacement computer, it didn’t include the drive in my files. At first I thought the drive was broken because I had the same issue on another PC.

After searching the internet I found the suggestion to use DOS diskmgmt command to see if the computer recognized the drive. It does but it isn’t partitioned. While stewing about this, I realized that my daughter “borrowed” the external drive and used it with her Mac a few weeks ago. I am guessing because she used it with her mac, the drive was reformatted.

Is my data still on there? Is there a was to retrieve my data from this external drive? As you can imagine, I would be very grateful for your assistance.

Hi norava,

If you have reformatted the drive for mac then most probably that the data on the drive is gone as formatting is data destructive process. Anyways, you should try to contact the Data Recovery company and they would let you know if the can recover the data from the drive or not.


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