Used My Book Live won't work?


I recently inherited two 2TB My Book Live. The former owner was a Windows user and I am a Mac user. Now, I didn’t get the installation CD with them, but I did get the power supply. 

In my appartment I don’t have a router, but just a network cable port in my wall but as I understand the My Book Live can be used as some sort of wireless router if it is plugged into the wall. So, i plugged it to the network, put the power supply in it and both of them has that steady green light. I tried downloading the setup software for mac but it can’t find either of the drives. Can anyone help me please? 

Nope, no wireless feature, you can connect the my book directly to the Mac. You can also buy a router and connect the my book and the Mac. You don’t need to download any software to use it. Check the link below for the steps to map the my book.