Use WD Live TV as AUDIO STREAMER without TV

I want to use my WD Live TV as AUDIO STREAMER, but how do I control my WD Live TV without a TV?

WD offers an application “REMOTE CONTROL” that operates on my iPhone. This application is however mono-directional, so I cannot see what I am doing without a TV.

Is there a way to control my WD Live TV with a iPad/iPhone/Android application without the need for a TV? This application should visualize my folders, thumbnails images, play, mute, browse etc.


I suggested this program to another user earlier.  It basically works off of upnp and with it you can choose what you want to play & where you want to play it as long as all the devices involved are upnp.  Good luck and hope this helps.

If you want something free when try Skifta. It does all you want.

Here is another idea:  FIle Browser at 

Worth the five bucks; they keep it updated, etc.  With FB I can stream audio and video from the WD player (i.e it’s attached drives) to iPad, iPhones.  NOT all video (not ISO) ; just the simpler, common stuff like mp4, and audio in the common formats.  This is all done within the home network.  The new version of FB released this week allows streaming through the internet to anywhere.  Haven’t used that, because I have Pogoplug for that capability.

If you just want to listen to your music through the stereo you have your WD playing through via the WD & TV HDMI, then just tap off the analog audio from the WD into your stereo amp.  Select what you want to hear from TV screen, then turn off TV.  I do this all the time, using playlists that play 100 tracks each.

Or check Zappo.

OK, Tony, I googled into your suggestion of Zappo.  Once I got past the Zappo Shoes and Pizza, I think I found what you are referring to.  :smiley:  It sounded good until I read a user comment:

“It’s disappointing. It’s the same old ploy of having to log into their ZappoTV servers. What about a way to control your device by logging into *your own device*? If they won’t do it, then no thanks. It’s the same reason why I use Owncloud and not Dropbox nor Google drive. Another app to delete.”

FYI, File Browser (and Pogoplug) allow for "logging into “your own device*” and this solves the reviewer’s  (and likely others’) problem.  I got FB a couple of years ago, because I saw it was one the highest-rated apps of it’s type, and it has worked flawlessly.

As i said just use skifta, no need to pay anything and it does everything the poster wants. You simply select a media source and then a destination (WD player / tablet etc) browse the source with thumbnails and select the track. You can also pause and change tracks etc. Easy.


Thanks for the re-toot to plug the Skifta app which is free from a quality company, Qualcomm.  I like that it appears to be bi-directional; i.e play from or to another device.  I found the FAQ informative.  I also see that it is an Android app, and not an iThing app.  So, for the Android types out there, it looks like a “go”. 

As for the iThings owners, then the FIle Browser app is made specifically for the iPhone and iPad. 

Pogoplug app works with either device (with the appr. app), but then, pogoplug is another strange world unto itself.  Not for the timid to set up and use; as it has its own unique collection of quirks and bugs.