Use WD Easystore enclosure with other brand drives?


I would like to use a brand new WD external enclosure formerly an 8TB Easystore with another brand’s 4 TB SATA hard drive.

With the other brand HD installed and connected to my Mac with a 3.0 USB cable, I am not able to initialize this drive. Mac OS Disk Utility sees the drive as unmounted 8TB Easystore media even though it is a 4TB Toshiba drive.

The Toshiba drive was previously used in a 2-bay external enclosure (Elite brand from New Egg) in a (hardware) RAID 1 set up for Time Machine backups. I did not format the drive before removing it from the RAID enclosure.

The error message I get is:
Unable to write to the last block of the device.
Operation failed.


WD Easystore program the device not to allow consumer use other vendor HDDs beside WD HDDs. It has some blacklist hard drives.