Use syncbackpro with WD My Cloud


I use syncbackpro software to save my date. For that purpose, i use synchronisation option and i satisfied the managing of the data with this software.

With WD my cloud, i manage to copy my data on this external harddisk. However, i didn’t manage to see my harddisk in my network and consequently, i don’t know yet how i can use syncbackpro for my harddisk.

Questions :

  1. How can i do to see my hard disk in my network area on Windows8 and namely if i try to a remote connection to my hard disk (that is to say i try to have a access to my data localized to my home from my job office).

  2. How should i configure syncbackpro to have access to my “WD my cloud” hard disk?

Thank you for help.

You need to run the setup program and extra apps if needed. Yuo also eed to read  the manual which will help in the installation.

For apps:

for installation:

Plus huge amount of info to help you along.

Fro the second question: maybe someone here actually used this software or best to ask the Syncbackpro developers or forum.

Question how did you manage to copy your data to WD mycloud?

Thank you.

But you don’t help me too mucn for first question… Of course, i have already the manual …

How can i parameter “WD my cloud” how to see it in my network on Windows 8? 

Hi there, I use Synckback SE with the NAS, FYI.

To see the NAS on the network, you need to be on aWindows denominated  “private”, not “public” network (Windows turns off file sharing and network discovery services by default on Windows public network. Right click on the network icon in the systemt tray, choose networking center and look at the information under your network name in the window.

bendesarts wrote:

Thank you.

But you don’t help me too mucn for first question… Of course, i have already the manual …

How can i parameter “WD my cloud” how to see it in my network on Windows 8? 


Maybe I minsunderstood what you said. Because you clearly said you copied data to mycloud. How did you do that if you cannot see it? Just trying to clarify first.

Thank you for your help.

OK. Great. Good news.

I have check and my network in my job office has already defined as private. However i didn’t see my “WD my cloud” hard disk on my network in windows and however, i have access to my “WD my cloud” hard disk thanks to the WD interface. 

At work, many companies disable network discovery services. Even if you don’t see it in the network, you can type the address in the network explorer eg [\YOURNAS](/t5/forums/replypage/board-id/mycloud/message-id/)

May you precise which name i have to precise ? Where can i find this name and may you precise me the syntax ?

Do i precise the ip adress ?

Thank you for your help.

In fact, i went to the web site and here i can ask the access to my HD.

Now, i can see my HD in my network area in Windows 8.1.

It remains only 1 point.

How can i do to use it with syncback pro ?

I believe that there is specific parameters to enter since for the moment i didn’t manage to have access to my HD with syncback pro. May be it is due to the fact that the access to my HD is SSH and not FTP.

Thank you for your help


I need some help to use synbackpro with my WD my cloud ?

Thanks a lot for your help

When you set up the sync profile, you specify the destination share and folder. You can also enter the user credenttials to access the share. Nothing special compared with network shares on a local framework.

when you are remote, things are little more complicated. You can use wd2go to create a mapped drive using the WebDAV protocol. alternatively, you could set up the NAS for FTP access, use a DNS service to get a fixed host name, open & forward the port21 to the port 21 of your NAS! And use that to sync. I have not done this with Syncback yet.


"when you are remote, things are little more complicated. You can use wd2go to create a mapped drive using the WebDAV protocol. "> I 'm interesting exactly by this situation.> I have created a mapped drive thanks to WD2GO however i didin’t manage to use it with syncback pro.> Do i tune syncback in a specific way to have a remote access to my drive ?> Thanks a lot for your help

If SyncBack cannot sync with the WebDav Mapped Share (what you get when you create the mapped share with Wd2go, unlike when you map it on the local network, where it’s using SMB), you will have to setup your NAS for remote FTP access. SyncBack can sync with FTP servers.


Thank you for your help.

May you detail the steps so as to setup my NAS for remote FTP access?

First, let’s set it up for local access for a specific share and user.

go to the admin UI and turn on FTP.

Using FileZilla or other FTP client, verify that you can access the target share with the user credentials, and that you can upload and download normally on your local network.

For remote access, You will most likelyneed a Dynamic DNS service so that your router can have a fixed host iD on the internet. Some routers provide this free of charge (eg Asus). DynDNS has a free service also.

Let us know how your local FTP access works.

Etupes wrote:> DynDNS has a free service also.


Actually, DynDNS discontinued it’s free service in May. 

However, there are other free DNS providers out there.

Well well…

To sum up, the first 2 steps i have to do are the following :

  1. check my FTP access with my network access
  2. Set up a DNS provider.

In fact, the NAS that i want to tune is in my parents’ home. As, i didn’t want to disturb too much my parents, i seek for the simpliest solution.

As their internet provider doesn’t give a fix IP, i think that i need to set up a DNS provider.

May you indicate the simpliest and free way in order to use DNS service ? If I have well understood, i need to find another provider that DynDNS? Which DNS do you advice me ?

Thank you for your help.

Right. DynDNS just stopped offering their free service. Well, Google is your friend. It looks like is a good alternative.

OK Thank.

And i have to set up this not on my network but in my parents’ network, i have some questions :

  1. May i set up this DNS provider by remote access ?

  2. Can this process (the set up of a DNS service) can trouble their network ?

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, give your parents computer a internet host name “your host”. If you are using Windows 7 Enterprise of Windows 8 pro you can try to remote access their computer. 

For this, your parents have to enable remote connections (under system properties, remote tab). Their router should have Upnp enabled as well. You will need to forward theexternal router port 3389 to the 3389 port of the computer. Finally, the software firewall of the computer should enable remote connections as well.

With this setup, you should be able to access the computer of your parents remotely and do the rest of the setup. Once done, you can disable the remote access if you wish to do so. Note that enabling remote access should be easy, but troubleshooting connection issues can be time consuming. If that option doesn’t work, you might want to do the local FTP server and the final setup at your parents directly.