Use scheduled batch file to control SmartWare?


From what I gather Smartware runs in the background so there’s never been a need to add scheduling. But I think all the to’ing and fro’ing on my (badly built) home network maybe impacting other parts of the pipe, especially using WiFi connectivity.

Is there any reason why I can’t make a batch file to stop and start smartware processes between specific times so that the backuping (and hopefully network congestion) happens only when everyone’s asleep?

Many thanks in advance

Do not know the Smartware at all, since I do not use it. However, these are some options:

  • Install another backup/sync folder. Plenty of free programs out there. From complex to simple.

  • Use the backup software that comes with the OS

  • Create your own script (use robocopy for Windows or sync/rsync for Mac/Linux) and schedule a time for your own tasks.