Use of MyBook to secure data when moving from Windows XP to Windows 8

Used a MyBook as I thought I could secure and move my data from Windows XP to newly installed Windows 8.

I secured all data from my harddisk when I had Windows XP installed.

Now that I installed Windows 8 on the same computer, I am unable to retrieve the thousands of photos from MyBook.

I do not even get Mybook to show up on Windows 8 anywhere.

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Is your WD My Book detected in Windows Disk Management? Please visit the following link for instructions:

Also, are you able to share the exact model of your WD My Book?

Make sure all of your USB drivers and controllers are up to date. Sometimes you can recover data by bootig from a Linux Live CD.


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Dear Trancer,

no, it is not recognized by Disk Management.

My exact model is called:



Then it also says 4010C and R/N C0C

Hope this helps, many thanks in advance, Chris

Joe, thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded from the same USB port to the MyBook when my computer was running on XP still. Could that be different now under Windows 8? Thanks,

Well if you installed Windows 8 on an older PC it might simply be a driver issue. Especially if the USB ports are on a add in card. You might need to find the card maker and check their site for updates. Also look in Device Manager and see if there are any faults there.


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My computer, I upgraded Windows 8 to, is 10 years old.

I just bought software to upgrade my drivers. (Driver Restore, promoted as a Microsoft partner)

 But I do not see it working. All it does is to scan and rescan and it tells me all the time the USB ports which are out of date drivers, but not fixing it. I have a new problem for a new forum on my hands now. Thanks for your help and your comments, Chris