Use Mynet Central as NAS alone?

OK, so I am on my second Mynet Central N900 2tb and both have had the dreaded “wifi restart” issues.

So, before I either send it away for a third time (or take a screw driver to it and remove the HD for other tasks) is there a way of connecting the router to my wifi router/cable modem via ethernet and using it as a NAS only with the wifi part switched off ?

Many thanks in advance for your replies.

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Quick update - I think I have sorted it.

I have connected the mynet box via the yellow internet terminal to a spare model/router ethernet port.

Did a system reset to make sure it was all clean.

Set the mynet box to access point mode (menu/advance/admin/device mode).

Switched the wireless (both) off.

Need to keep the ethernet connected for this to work.

Not sure if this will stop the reboot, only time will tell, but at least I have the use of the hard drive back on my network and still be able to connect to the internet through the original model/router.

Couple of quick checks -

Play video over the network to PC and tablet OK

Copies 66Mb video file from mynet to pc over wifi at 10Mb/s

Copies 66Mb video file from pc to mynet over wifi at 7Mb/s

Acceptable and slightly better than i had just using the mynet !

I’ll report back if anything changes.

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Should have added this also effectively increases the number for ethernet ports on your router/modem. I now have 7 available (3 on modem+one out to Mynet + 4 on Mynet).

All still working OK. :smiley:

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