Use my laptop to provide internet service to my HDTV live hub

Hello, I have a dilemma I need help with. I lost my hub remote and am trying to use the android remote app in place of it. The problem I am having is obtaining an IP address on my hub so that I can input the address into my phone to use the remote. Normally I would use my remote to configure the network settings on my hub to connect it to the internet but since I have no usable remote I am unable to do this. I was thinking about trying to use my computer, that is already on the net, to tether internet service to the hub. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, or if you know of a way to get the hub to automatically connect to the network when I plug in the Cisco ae1000 adapter. Thank you for your time.

No, there’s no way to automatically configure WiFi with no interaction.

Your best bet is:

You have a PC on the network? If so access the Network devices from the PC. You should see the WDLIVEHUB listed there as a MEDIA DEVICE. If you right click on it and select “Properties” a window should pop up. In that window there should be a line “Device Webpage”, that contains the IP.

If you know how to access your routers setup page you might be able to find the IP there or at least get a list of what’s being used and keep trying until you hit the right one.

I think the last option, buying a new remote, is still the best one though :wink: