Use LVM with PR4100

Hi, I’d like to use LVM with MyCloud PR4100, is it possible?

Once logged-in, I see there is a /usr/bin/lvm, so I could run “lvm pvcreate” and create the new partitions on the 4 sd[a-d] disks, but I am afraid to brick the device along the way. My idea is to keep the old folder structure (/mnt/HD/HD_d2 /mnt/HD/HD_c2 /mnt/HD/HD_b2 /mnt/HD/HD_a2) to avoid problems.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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You won’t brick the device as long as you don’t touch /dev/mmcblk0.
It is possible that the firmware is unable to integrate the new disk automatically though.
Feel free to experiment with a spare disk and let us know if it works.