Use Lightroom library via WD My Book on two Macs (network setup)

Question about LR library for two Macs in an office room. My wife and I are currently each using our own image storage and each our own LR library. Which is awkward because edits are always missing, the storage is different, and the storage space is used twice.

The idea now would be to centralize the image storage on our NAS in a common folder. So that we also work in the same LR library I thought now would be a solution to put the LR library on an external hard disk (WD My Book). Since the WD My Book only has a Micro-USB 3.0 port, it goes via a Micro-USB to USB port and then on to an anchor USB hub. The USB hub now has two USB 3.0 cables, one to my wife’s Thunderbolt screen, which works with a Macbook AIr, and one to my iMac.

The problem is that the WD doesn’t mount My Book and doesn’t show up on either device on the network. If I plug the My Book directly into the USB 3.0 cable using the Micro USB supplied, it will be mounted.

Does anyone here know if the setup as I imagine it is technically feasible at all? Or is there another solution for sharing an LR library on two computers?

Hello digitalwings,

WD My Book is a direct attached storage device and recommended to connect with one computer at a same time. It would not work or incompatible when use it with USB hub.