Use caution when using external backup to/from the MyCloud

Over the past week I have been tracking the MyCloud for response times and transfer times. I have been experiencing some speed issues so an investigation was in order.

My set-up does not use the SetPoint backup because I found it troublesome especially if a MC was reset or a firmware upgrade was exercised. I use a Mirroring Software package to run real-time backups on my systems and I recently added the MC to it to backup my MC. That seems to be where my problems began.

It appears that ANY concurrent access activity on the MC will severely reduce it’s ability to respond quickly. Since the Mirror Software was routinely scanning the MC for changed files, its speed as a NAS was severely impacted. This is likely because the MC is a low-end consumer product and does not have a robust engine. This is NOT a criticism of the MC because as a home user product it is more than ample and capable. I simply stressed it beyond its design limits.

So now I use off-hours scheduled times to mirror the MC and all is, once again, wonderful. Now, if only Serviio would fix their new 1.6.1 release so that I can use the MC as my streaming data source once again.


It is too bad the mirroring software doesn’t use the inotify to tell when a file is changed.
This eliminates the need to scan the disk constantly. Since the MC is a single drive device. With the Mirror software scanning the disk, any time you want to do a read or write to the MC, It most likely will have to re position the disk head. This takes time Which also means that the disk head is going to switch between the location that you are reading or writing and where the mirror software is currently scanning.