Use as a password protected drive

I bought this as I wanted a secure way to transport files when I visit clients rather than having to take my laptop or several usb sticks.

Reading the sales blurb I assumed I would be able to do this easily. However, I do not want the WD Smartware running as

a) I don’t want automatic backups (I have a separate programme and other external drives for that)
b) it slows my machine right down

I have the drive showing as a separate letter on My Computer, and can drag and drop files onto it.  However, this is only after I have allowed WD Smartware to start up and then have to wait ages before it will respond to disable it after I have logged on. To access the files on another computer I either have to disable the password protection or install Smartware on that machine.  This is not practicable when visiting clients and the whole point of buying it was it was supposed to be secure.

How can I use it just as a password protected drive - so that I can use it on any machine without having to install the Smartware software?

If I can’t then I feel I have been misled by the sales ‘Blurb’ and want my money back!

The SmartWare software has to be installed in order to apply, change, or remove the password security from the drive. After the security has been setup, then you should not need to use the SmartWare software. When you connect the drive to a system there should be a Virtual CD called WD SmartWare that will mount. Open this Virtual CD and double-click on the “Unlock”. This should ask for your password and unlock the drive, you should not need to install SmartWare.

Try to use LoginTrap.It’s tool can capture every login events.I use this tool and I know who logs on my Mac. It’s really good program. Try)