Use a WD Passport without drivers

Hi everyone! I need help. I bought a WD passport for data transfer between home and school. However, it needs to install drivers fr it to run! I contacted the school administrator but he says he can’t install the drivers. Is there a way I can use this external drive without drivers like a cheep USB memory stick?

Nope, if Windows is asking for drivers is because Windows doesn’t know what is being connected. If you mean the SES drivers then they are not needed and the drive should work, if you mean the USB mass storage device drivers then there’s no way without installing them.

Get this from Softpedia: HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3

Run the app on your home PC

Let it do its thing

Run back to school & check if it works.

Worked for me

But I biked back to school. :wink: