USB3 SVGA adapter on DX4000

I managed to connect a (Startech) USB 3.0 SVGA adapter do the DX4000. The driver has been installed correctly and the device manager correctly shows a “trigger USB graphic familiy - MCT USB 3.0 external graphic device”. However when accessing the screen property from the remote session I can’t see the second display. Instead the following message is shown: “Impossible to modify video settings from a remote session”. Then how can I manage to display the DX4000 on the external USB3.0 svga port?

I’m assuming there’s nothing on the screen if you have one connected how about if you tried VNC to remote into it

Correct, good suggestion I will try with VNC or Teamviewer

I tried accessing with VNC, this way I do not get the message "Impossible to modify video settings from a remote session” however I do not see the second screen (USB3->SVGA) even if the driver looks OK and the device is correctly shown in the device manager. Either this USB3-SVGA does not work correctly on the DX4000 or there are some other issues related to the remote access done with VNC. It looks somebody managed to connect the DX4000 to an external monitor via USB-SVGA adapter. I remember he was mentioning an Atom graphic driver but maybe I misunderstood everything.

sorry, no clue.
I have no idea if video 1 must be on before video 2?
Someone recently posted pins for VGA if you want to solder :frowning:
If you disable the built in VGA?? Scary
I thought the original goal was a USB nic?
We changed from dhcp to static on the wd team this week no problems

your comments are always very inspiring… indeed the guy mentioned that he installed an Intel Atom graphic driver. This is what I did now (found Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 64 bit driver on the Intel website). Now video 1 appeared from the very start having installed a correct driver (the DX4000 indeed has graphic capability if you could only manage to solder a proper connctor on the motherboard…) - and now magically I can also see a second screen. Now I am working remotely so I cannot check myself if the second screen I see on the DX4000 appears on the monitor connected to the USB3-SVGA adapter but I guess there should be good chances. Update will follow tomorrow as soon as I am back in office.

This is the link for the driver download which I installed on the DX4000 via the device manager

I am on the edge of my seat waiting… :slight_smile:

As I guessed when working remotely yesterday, I confirm the USB3-SVGA adapter works after having installed the driver for the internal DX4000 graphic system (Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3150 driver for W2008). So for DX4000 troubleshooting reasons in addition to the realtek driver for an USB LAN ethernet adapter, it makes sense to install also the Atom graphic driver and the driver for a USB3 to SVGA adapter to have standard external video capabilities.

great stuff

Only additional information just in case other people will see this thread in the future: the second screen Windows features are not available if you connect with Windows remote desktop even if you followed all the above steps. With VNC or Chrome remote desktop it is ok instead. Needless to say following the above steps if you boot the DX4000 with an external monitor connected to the USB3-SVGA interface and keyboard/mouse you will see the logon screen and you can access the DX4000 like on a standard workstation.

did it default to “mirror” or was it “extend this desktop” ?

default luckily is mirror