USB3 Express Card dies w/ My Passport Est'l 1TB running W7 Home Prem on HP 6830s Notebook

Hi there,

I’ve tried two Cardbus Express cards now with similar results on both.

Have the Renasis latest drivers installed

WIth Device Manager open I see that when I insert the USB3 Express card Windows 7 recognizes it.

I plug in the little power USB power cable that came with it and all still looks fine.

Then I plug in my Passport to it and the 2 USB 3 entries (Host Controller and Root Hub) both disappear.

Actually I just noticed that they appear and disappear after I unplug the Passport as well, so I guess I’ll look for a Renasis forum to find out if that is a common problem and if fixes exist. I read here previously that many people were experienceing similar problems on both desktops and laptops even with factory installed USB3 so if anyone does have a solution and could post it that would be great.



Uninstall the USB 3.0 Card drivers and try to reinstalled. Also if possible try to test your drive using a different computer…