USB3.0 interface

Hello! I have the following problem with the hard drive: when connected to a laptop or PC interface USB2.0 drive is working properly. Speed slightly below normal, but still works. And when I connect to the laptop with USB3.0 interface disables the computer USB port. We thought the problem with the laptop drive - was taken to the store (just bought a laptop), but the store check the laptop and said that everything is normal. There’s another hard drive connected to the USB3.0 interface and all reads and writes. Then later to connect to another laptop via USB3.0 and does not see the disk. Connected to a computer, too, with USB3.0 interface and just does not see. Pereprobyval a total of 3 and 1 laptop computer. When you connect to them via USB2.0 all right, but if you connect a USB3.0 hard it is not visible. Indicator lights on the hard.

Still another problem with the hard drive - sometimes when you connect it to the sound clicks. The disk is not detected. You have to drive to disconnect and connect again.

Wrote in support of the answers are not received. Although the status is “open” and the last modified date is already different. But all the answers no and no. Says that during the day I answer, last week …

Sincerely, Eugene.

Try using a different cable or a different computer

make sure to update all drivers on the USB 3.0 controller